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2018 Tax Reduction Strategies

It’s no secret that people are living longer than ever before; this longevity provides an additional risk in our retirement planning. There is also the risk of Social Security no longer being a viable income option and pension plans have become nearly nonexistent.  Perhaps one of the least understood risks that you face in retirement is taxes.

The 2018 Tax Reduction Strategies Guide contains a list of a few tax strategies to consider that could improve your overall tax structure during your retirement years and for your beneficiaries inheriting your estate.

A Tax Preparation Checklist is included with this year's guide!

Additional Information:

2018 Key Financial Data

Print out this two page guide and have key financial data at your fingertips throughout the year. It includes the Tax Rate Schedule, Standard Deductions & Personal Exemptions, Gift & Estate Tax Exclusions and Credits, Educational Credits and Deductions, information on IRAs, Social Security, Medicare, Health Savings Accounts and more. 

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2018 Tax Planning

ear end tax planning is especially challenging this year because of uncertainty to whether Congress will extend the Bush-era tax cuts. This guide provides some tips to help reduce your potentially higher tax burden next year.

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