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Dustin McDonald

As an Investment Consultant and Wealth Manager, Dustin is driven to help clients understand the complicated world of finance and make positive decisions for their financial future.

What he loves most about his role is being able to help people of all different financial situations achieve their long-term goals. Prior to joining Life Certain Wealth Management, Dustin spent the majority of his time working with families and professionals in Honolulu, HI.

Growing up in Metro Detroit, a community whose success depended on the automotive industry, Dustin witnessed firsthand the repercussions of a weakening economic system. This provided him an invaluable perspective on the impact the financial industry can have on individuals. Seeing how hard his family had to work instilled in him a sense of appreciation and a desire to better understand the economy. That combined with his passion to help others take control of their future led him to enter the financial services world. 

Dustin began his career working at a broker-dealer trade desk where he was exposed to the sophisticated aspects of all different types of investments.  He learned the business from the inside out and gained an invaluable knowledge. Today, Dustin can bring that experience to his clients.  He is dedicated to helping clients navigate through the often complicated and ever-changing world of finance while overcoming new challenges.         

As a holistic investment consultant and wealth manager, Dustin understands that he doesn't need to do everything himself. He sees his role as quarterback, helping to coordinate with various professionals from different fields so that his clients have the best advice from professionals who are a master in the area which is needed.

Dustin currently lives in Loveland Colorado with his wife, Jourdan.