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Retirement Planning

We live in a country of great abundance, but one that is also filled with considerable threats to a comfortable retirement.  Even if you retire from the best company in the world, and have invested wisely at each stage of the retirement planning game, without customized advice from knowledgeable professionals at and after retirement, the performance of your retirement savings might be severely compromised. If you are within five years of retirement or already retired you might benefit greatly by consulting with an individual or firm that specializes in providing retirement planning advice.

Proper retirement planning is about getting the money you need in retirement from all accounts both qualified and non-qualified and into your hands in the most constructive and tax-efficient manner.  It is also about choosing an appropriate social security claiming strategy and/or maximizing any available pension benefits.  The goal is to provide you and your family with life-time income that will adjust for inflation and unexpected expenses.  The advisors at Life Certain Wealth Strategies, are positioned to assist you with proper retirement planning.

Life Certain Wealth Strategies is an independent, holistic, client-centric retirement planning firm. Our objective is to take an active approach with clients to prepare a retirement plan that considers your goals, time frames, risk tolerance and any special needs.  The advisors at Life Certain Wealth Strategies have the experience, knowledge, credentials and professional registrations to assist you in making educated and well-reasoned retirement-planning decisions using effective and easy to understand financial strategies.

We also recognize that taxes may be the single biggest wealth eroding factor you face in retirement. Distributions from employer plans, traditional IRAs, annuities and Social Security may all be subject to taxation. The advisors at Life Certain Wealth Strategies collaborate with your other professionals (tax professionals, attorneys, insurance professionals, etc.), to provide integrated comprehensive retirement planning services. This type of collaboration may help minimize the taxes you pay and enhance the tax efficiency of your overall retirement plan.

Our advisors will assist you in creating a cash flow statement. Having a thorough understanding of your expenses, allows you to work with your advisor to develop a strategy that will address future expenses and potential inflation.  The strategy should also help address unforeseen events such as health related expenses, etc. One major concern for many older retirees are expenses related to long term care needs according to AARP.

Since many retirees will spend 20 to 30 years or more in retirement. It is important that your assets combined with your income sources be sufficient to meet your needs throughout your lifetime and perhaps the lifetime of a surviving spouse. If you are within five years of retirement or already retired, it makes sense to consider your financial needs during this phase of your life. Learn how the advisors at Life Certain Wealth Strategies may be able to assist you with your retirement planning by contacting us to arrange a complimentary, no obligation, consultation.